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Manx Nostalgia Magnets


Due you Manx Nostalgia’s popularity & having a shared interest about the Isle of Man from members all around the world, we’ve decided to have a go at doing some Manx related merchandise.

With the help of our designer Alister Geoffrey, we’ve created a few magnets for the Manx audience. We are going to concentrate our efforts on places of interest from around the Isle of Man.

Starting with our very own logo:

manx nostalgia magnet
Manx Nostalgia logo in magnet form

We now have several other magnets available, including:

  1. Dogs Home
  2. Forresters
  3. White City
  4. Fun House
  5. Palace Lido (Blue & Pink)
  6. Moddey Dhoo – I ain’t afraid of no Moddey Dhoo
  7. Fairy Bridge (Short & Long haired fairies)
  8. RollerDrome
  9. AquaDrome
  10. LGBTQ 3 Legs
  11. LGBTQ IOM Shape

Our Magnets are available to purchase from our Etsy shore: Manx Nostalgia on Etsy

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