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Port Erin, Past & Present by Ray Stanfield

Port Erin, Past & Present

Port Erin, Past & Present by Ray Stanfield

When holidaymakers discovered the Isle of Man, Port Erin became a favourite place to visit. Hotels were built and life started to revolve around the needs of its visitors. The old photographs in this book are drawn from the postcards such visitors sent home.

Now the town is reinventing itself again. Gone are most of the Victorian hotels, with their ballrooms, live entertainment and seaside competitions. Bathing machines have been turned into garden sheds and donkeys no longer trot along the sand. This book reminds us of the dramatic changes which have taken place in this seaside town.Port Erin, Past & Present by Ray Stanfield.

PublishedSeptember 2019
PublisherLoaghtan Books
Pages128 pages
AuthorRay Stanfield

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