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Born on the Isle of Man. Manx through & through

The Fun House – Neil Harrison

The entrance to the 2nd floor Fun House was on the ground floor of the old Crescent Cinema part of the building, between the sweet shop and the indoor fair and it always smelt of sweets, candy floss and popcorn and had loud music playing as well as the other typical fairground noises. Once you paid the entrance fee at the little pay booth (50p I recall for the Fun...

Manx Nostalgia Magnets


Due you Manx Nostalgia’s popularity & having a shared interest about the Isle of Man from members all around the world, we’ve decided to have a go at doing some Manx related merchandise.With the help of our designer Alister Geoffrey, we’ve created a few magnets for the Manx audience. We are going to concentrate our efforts on places of interest...

all designs


As the popularity of the magnets increases we are expanding our horizons into the t-shirt business. Hooray! I hear you say. We’ve contacted several clothing printers here on the island, sadly some just stopped contacting us or others wanted bulk orders using screen printing techniques. The brilliant designs created by our very own designer Alister Geoffrey uses...

Palace Lido

Palace Lido – Julie Killip

Palace Lido – Julie Killip in 2015 I was born in Douglas in 1958, I remember the Palace Ballroom when my mother, Rita, would take me to watch ballroom dancing competitions there during the 1960s. By Stefano Pesenti‎ During the years between 1973 and 1975, I watched several bands, The Sweet, Slade, Showaddywaddy, Cozy Powell, Mud, Mott the Hoople, Alvin Stardust...


Aquadrome – Martin Teare

Sunday was the best day of the week growing up thanks to the Aquadrome. As an 10 year old getting dropped off and running up those steps was like visiting another world. The smell of chlorine was intoxicating to us as we got nearer the pool. Even the changing rooms were something exciting with the modern plastic cubicles and hanging baskets for your shoes and clothes...

Colebourn shop, Douglas


T.H. Colebourn founded the company in October 1924, specialising in the manufacturing of wireless radios under the brand name ‘Cleartone‘.

White City – Julie Krentz-Griffin

The earliest home that I remember well was 1 Raphael Road, Douglas. My father would drive us everywhere in his beloved black Hillman Imp and later his SIMCA 1000. There would usually be 5 of us squeezed in as Nanny Leece, would often join us to help take care of me. As the smallest I was placed in the middle and would get squashed on either side as my Dad did his...