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North Quay pubs, Douglas


Advertising on Manx Nostalgia is easy!

Just 5 easy steps:
1. Advert size (square / banner / skyscraper)
2. Advert page location (top / page content / sidebar / footer)
3. Pages you want your advert to appear on (homepage / place / individual post)
4. The dates you want to show the advert
5. Finally, the url the advert points too

What is your budget for this campaign?
Examples: https://blog.bannersnack.com/banner-standard-sizes/
Is the banner static or animated?
Where the advert will be linking too
Image of the banner to show, please upload here
When will the campaign start
If you have any other details

All adverts have to adhere to the following conditions:

Isle of Man / Manx related

It HAS to be related to the Isle of Man / Manx:

This includes:
– Services on the Isle of Man, eg: Michael Caine Plumbing Services 
– Products on / about / containing the Isle of Man / Manx, eg: Book / T Shirt

If you have any queries, please just get in contact.

No prohibited material

None of these prohibited items will be allowed to advertise on Manx Nostalgia:

– Weapons, ammunition, explosives
– Unsafe supplements
– ‘Adult’ products and services
– Cryptocurrency
– Surveillance equipment
– Payday loans
– Multi-level marketing schemes
– Penny auctions
– Tobacco or tobacco-related products
– Pharmaceuticals
– Illegal drugs or drug-related products
– Counterfeit documents
– Spyware or malware
– Anything illegal, obviously

No restricted material

None of these restricted items will be allowed to advertise on Manx Nostalgia:

– Alcohol
– Dating services
– Real-money gambling
– National/State lotteries
– Online pharmacies